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Lindy B

I love how AgentAssistant immediately reaches out when a lead comes through, even if I'm on the other line, in an appointment, or even on the road!

AgentAssistant has been a time-saver for me by letting me know which leads are unqualified, which ones aren’t interested or have another agent. I don't have to waste time following up on a dead end lead!

I am currently working 3 deals; one is an out of state buyer who is already approved with a lender and ready to buy by the end of the year. I have another buyer getting approved now who is ready to make an offer once the lender says GO! And my third is a first time buyer who is now under contract!!

These are all leads from AgentAssistant this week! It will result in just under $20,000 in commission from utilizing the AgentAssistant program!

Patty S

I came across AgentAssistant online, and thought it was interesting so I signed up for a Free Trial. The very first call that I received through their system converted, and I received a commission check of $4,500. The very first lead more than paid for the service for the whole year!!

Bryson Reed

I love, love LOVE agent assistant! I receive warm introductions, they weed out people who will never buy a house. I love that you guys have really opened up my schedule.

Judy Robinson

I made over $8,000 in my first month using AgentAssistant. I would definitely recommend this service to any agent who buys leads. It's like being in two places at once!

Erin B.

I got 2 direct phone calls from buyers who quickly became clients. By March we were closing on Hannah's first house and I received a commission of $5,770! I am happy to have AgentAssistant as a partner, because they help to grow my real estate business.

Juan Gabriel Molina

Co-Founder of RealClosers

I generate leads for many top agents and teams across the country, and working with AgentAssistant has improved the contract rate dramatically as they do all the heavy lifting so my agents can focus on building relationships. I know when they are attached to any campaign, chances for success increase dramatically. Two Thumbs Up!