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Lindy B

I love how AgentAssistant immediately reaches out when a lead comes through, even if I'm on the other line, in an appointment, or even on the road!

AgentAssistant has been a time-saver for me by letting me know which leads are unqualified, which ones aren’t interested or have another agent. I don't have to waste time following up on a dead end lead!

I am currently working 3 deals; one is an out of state buyer who is already approved with a lender and ready to buy by the end of the year. I have another buyer getting approved now who is ready to make an offer once the lender says GO! And my third is a first time buyer who is now under contract!!

These are all leads from AgentAssistant this week! It will result in just under $20,000 in commission from utilizing the AgentAssistant program!

Patty S

I came across AgentAssistant online, and thought it was interesting so I signed up for a Free Trial. The very first call that I received through their system converted, and I received a commission check of $4,500. The very first lead more than paid for the service for the whole year!!

Judy Robinson

I made over $8,000 in my first month using AgentAssistant. I would definitely recommend this service to any agent who buys leads. It's like being in two places at once!

Erin Buckalew

I got 2 direct phone calls from buyers who quickly became clients. By March we were closing on Hannah's first house and I received a commission of $5,770! I am happy to have AgentAssistant as a partner, because they help to grow my real estate business.