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AgentAssistant is no longer in service at this time.  This site is for demonstration purposes only.

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About CompassPoint LLC

Since 1998, CompassPoint LLC has enthusiastically served the MLS searching needs of thousands of agents and tens of thousands of their clients.  We were one of the very first "Authorized Service Providers" for RE Infolink.

We've been active in the local real estate community, serving on several committees and are currently members in good standing of the Santa Clara Count Association of Realtors, Chinese Association of Real Estate Professionals, and the Hispanic Association of Real Estate Professionals.

Our Vision, The Real Estate Agent's Virtual Workforce!

'Back in the day', real estate agents did everything manually, digging though books for listings and spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks.  Agents were not expected to work with more than 3-4 clients at a time, and if a deal fell through, that 25% or 30% of their entire prospective business.  While this functioned, it was extremely limiting to the agent in terms of the types of services they could offer and the number of clients they could work with. 

Today, automation plays a key role in many industries, yet many agents still work with only 3-4 clients and don't have appropriate time to prospect.  Time continues to be the largest constraint keeping agents from their full potential.  Because agents spend so much time doing repetitive tasks, they are limited from helping their clients where they really need it -- negotiating for better deals on  behalf of their clients and keeping deals together.  Plus, once they sell their inventory, they often have to start prospecting all over again.

Agent Assistant was designed initially as a legwork tool, to try to give time back to the agents that they could use to nurture their clients' interests. 


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